a utopian land

a utopian earth

we would already be having

if all those millions
would be real homo sapiens
meaning entities full of wisdom

but all those
can possibly only be homo habilis
meaning those only capable

of creating satanic technology
to let loose onto their environment
onto every human to enslave them
for their very own destruction 

since they have no wisdom
so they can not even know
what they are really doing

just their frustration
about their stupidity
to savor

fetching their vanity
they would be something special

only their skills
to the whole universe

out of their powerlessness

so this  will not
be prevented


the meaning of life

be opposed to
this nonsense of dying

very easy to recognize
and even easier to understand
by humans the cosmology of creation
scientifically working out

and from the resulting frame
its fulfillment to guarantee > so

we are the realizers of the vision of creation
and in this we are ourselves in all our individuality
united with all the trillion in the galactic nation

but all these strayed on here >

agree to end this creation
and that being their fulfillment

so the end of all intelligent life
only idiots can make sense out of this

> we are the suicide bombers <
bragging abolishing stupid ones !

it can not even possibly
to be wise

not the meaning of life

or ?

such a mass of stupidity
is only with a billion guard

in all those predatory animal
under natures harm and human harm
and this dumbcracy >

so this mass of fanned on stupids questioning
potentially realizable >>>

because it can only be the end

since only with an argumentocracy
we have an intelligent way of life

able to work out
while bringing the intelligent citizen
necessary for this intelligent life

since he is not mentally handicapped
just making his cross on voting

but will have to work >

should he want
to develop a better argument

so we have here on
 just these all idiot offenders
fueled by a professional instinctual offender
to guarantee their freedom to dieing out

can this be the meaning of life?

the argumentocracy


do not need me !

I did write onto the parking lot
of my parents estate
way back

so every there could see it

but I never thought of the fact
that being every one

even though I should have known
that any planet having money as its value
could only becoming  through
darwinian selection

a population of rats 

since any one can destroy any thing and all
and no one sapiens will even tolerate
this destruction of future

and humanity

so there being only one decision left

the galactic pest control
will have to be activated

to remove this pest from our universe
while we still can do this savely

every power savoring

any harm being possible
tolerate any mischief
any pointlessness

and not thinking about
that this all above is not
just bringing nothing

but only the death to all

because these all
disregard cosmic reality
so that everything that people do
to serve their fulfillment

so that on an uninhabitable world
no human race can exist

that without human rights guarantee
only this endless harm exists
so the end of everything
and everyone

that these all billions thereby
complete a suicide attack

since they put jesus christ to death
the galileo ... the giordano bruno
every person somehow disturbing
their stupidity

infinite reality

being used as
a basis for all ultimative decision
will create a paradise on every world

where no war ... no illness ... no vanity
can create all this destruction to
all environment and any human

there while a democracy liberating all
from any responsibility will destroy
all environment ... all humanity

all this war ... illness ... vanity

since no argumentocracy being used
to comming up with infinite reality

but only insanity being fanned
of all the voters in a democracy

to creating all this damaging work
there by forcing consumers to buying all
or they will no longer be tolerated

in all this production of the end
of all environment and all humanity 

so democracy being
one instrument of satan
not to liberating humanity
to fulfilling creation
and fulfilling

so any state using democracy
can only be a satanic state
to fulfilling satans wish
to ending creation

so he can brag about
his not having to be envious
of creation

as well as
all those satanic instruments
can be bragging about

their very own destruction

our cosmic community

homo sapiens?

not even knowing
what is right or wrong

being only a plague
harming competitively
or helping to damage

having neither wisdom
any real understanding
or a conscience

so we are in dear need

for educating all those to becoming
real homo sapiens

since only with a population
full of wisdom

can we save this environment
can we have a humanity

for the next hundred +
millionen years
to come

our cosmic community

creating a land of wisdom
a world of wisdom

where every one inspiring
every one else

finding infinite reality

finding there for
the ultimate solution
becoming ever more fulfilled

being ever more
part of the fulfillment of this universe

where no war can come about
since there being nothing
to fight about

since every one having
what he is needing

physically and spiritually
having the best humanity

where all are striving
to having a secure future

where no one becoming frustrated

since every one is listening
to all sapiens

the argumentocracy

sons and daughters ...

programed ...

from their former sons and daughters
meaning their parents ... their grand parents
etc etc etc ...

can in principle ...
not even being in their right mind
having any conscience ... any wisdom

being un able to even have potentially
any paradise environment or humanity
since their are certified

so these are all
not able to do so in principle
> preserving their world ... guaranteing human rights
since they are programed to be disasters

so such a disaster son ...
a disaster daughter

later such a disaster employee
in such a competing disaster business

or even a competing politician
such a rival disaster party

which in principle are already criminal !

taking care of the interests of
all organized world destruction

and then of course they will be totally unable
preserving their world or humanity

they will leave not even any hope
to having any future

since yes all anti sapiens
competing anti humans !

equipped with anti wisdom
with an anti mind

where we see all of this
and nobody is allowed to see that
or he comes to the crazy house
where the cracy at power

or in jail
where the criminals at power

or in the sick house
where the md will bring you to death

he has no other choice

since ...
he being a member of this anti everything
bringing meanness and death

so where ... such a democracy question?
what kind of disaster do you want?

which suicide program do you want?
what kind of vanity?

entertainment ? what distraction ?
what probaganda for your insanity ?

no question ?
what solutions do you have ?
what kind of vision for a future ?

so ... where in an argumentocracy
a future will be worked out
based on reality

so ... from where all these
are on the run from!

I can only repeate it every day
look at these all disasters

and always understand and process
and then document the reality
that nobody wants to hear ...

there by this being essencial
for any humanity

star peace

a democracy

the dynamic of being just a disaster

the old Greeks already suspected that
ergo ... the inventor of this problem
they just did not know anything better

because democracy is about to come to power
so one party has to compete with the other
to incite the lust of power of all
not any right decision
no valid arguments

as any one can see !

but only animal desires
fanning the future ruling party
and then if they should be in power
then it is up to them to stay in power
so it can only be about
go create problems

as any one can see !

so we know
that all of these can only fail
not even able to argue

not being able to guarantee
the diginty of human honor
if they wanted to

as all are products of this disaster
this so cherished democracy

where a failure rivals
with the other loser
losing everything

and should some one
have not lost everything yet

then he has to be made
as mindless as every one else

all are united for this

those 10 billion failures
having only one goal >

"no homo sapiens!"

just an vanity purchase
competing with the other
to losing everything

every human
every world

so what does this world need?
of course everyone has to become wise
learn to compete with wisdom

argue with
in an argumentocracy

the reality ...
being everyone on the run from

work out together >
and then the right decisions
each endowed with wisdom
can fully under stand

then all of these becoming homo sapiens
so then they know what they are doing

so there can be no climate flipping rights
no full time any vanity procurement

since then we all know
that this is just our own death

on vanity

on this world ...
we are having a hierarchy of vanity procurement
where every one thinks ... has to think ...
this vanity was of any value

but not only is vanity of no value it all
but with entities full of vanity
the environment will fail
soon after > too

so we are having not only
a failure in human fulfillment
all those having not a reality basis
not only a failure in environmental quality
but this failure of all being
enslaved to fail

or they will be shunned out
by their vaine society
making all fail

on a titanic

we are currently sitting on a titanic
without lifeboats ... with the wrong aim
and a crazy crew

chosen from
this mass of insane passengers
to delight ...

taking you to your wrong destination
to this insane work creation
and despair in order

for this capitalism
and his madness democracy
destoying this ... your world

but we need to see a future
every thing making sense ... otherwise it will just be
all given a mass of madmen

we are almost there !
since no one wants anything
from all this madness

so we need human rights
and a decision making platform

showing the right actions
which everyone can fully understand

who can understand  !

because only these are capable
those at no where have to be supervised
because they are not

having any responsibility
they can come after

we are in need
where only homo sapiens
are deciding

because only they know
what they are doing

no misled desperates

which only
the flight from the terrible
reality drives on

to find this great love
to madness

to win this crazy blue ribbon
to this madness sailing to new york
to this madness the wrong ones
having in leadership

we need an argumentocracy
where every one learns to see the current reality
and its end in horror

and then on this basis
showing the right actions
which everyone can fully understand
since they all know now
what they are doing

does anyone have a better idea ?

because if this population should
not be capable of right actions soon

then they must all be ...


these all failures

have only one goal >>>

the end of all intelligent life
so jesus christ must be scourged +++
the galileo finished off +++ go blind

because everyone can be a failure
it is priceless flipping the climate

every surgeon can
slaughter people
the more pointless ... the better

because only if all potential people
despair of all this senselessness
can lose this mass
the whole universe
to lose

and why all this ?
of course it be ...

that then each of these failures
can brag about it >

"Nobody makes us jealous"

and therefore all must
be a failure

then everyone feeling good ...

a humanity

we have to organize

sapiens global

where in every parish
every part of any town
any city

all over this world
sending this homo sapiens
that could be there

but the rule of power
ergo this infinite liberation
to destroy their world
enslaved stupidity

fanned in their madness
arose from this desperation
which must attack every person

in view of this mass of insanity

that needs to be clarified
that what they are doing

can not be in their interest

but a suicide attack
one produced by a looser mass

who have lost their minds
because of all their despair
because of all their stupidity

produced by all this probaganda

so we have to help them all
to see ... that it is very easy
ending your end in horror

by insisting on human rights
ending all this power seizure

every where to call
for the guarantee of your human rights
therefore according

to the specifications
of every constitution
and then worldwide

according to UN mandat

we need meaning and human dignity
we need to see a future
a fulfillment as sapiens

the problem with

having a humanity

or even just develop one
on this world

being that
all of these sons and daughters
are organized criminals

more or less
and should mother only
support an organized criminal

because mother having total control
what such a son ... such a daughter does

since mother having total control
about having a man like that

even if it is always turned around
like everything else on this world

ergo > that all men are pigs
because your mum and your wife made them
to being one

and should they not
becoming this wanted criminal
they are guaranteed to be shunned

with the help of their criminal state
and the support of all of them

ergo their
criminal institutions

as well with these so called patriachial states

are all of these
on their 73 virgins dendent
and their whole existence consists in
to buy and supply them competingly !

so they have to compete with
being criminals

environmental destructions
the end of humanity

so we cannot hope for
to having any homo sapiens
unless some persons are wanting
themselfs just to develop

to being
  homo sapiens

only if some are convinced of this
that with their mother and their wife
it can not go any further

some might get over this dependance
to becoming homo sapiens

where these are then capable shaping a future
because they have recognized

that with such an organized crime
you can let your world die

spoiling yourself there while

but no future is possible
and therein lies the strength
of those real homo sapiens

they are the only ones
which have been for a billion years
multipling more and more

make more and more worlds a paradise
more and more galaxies are secure

for this
being a guardian of the universe

by not being mentally handicapped
protect their direct interests
but their infinite

where on the one hand
it revolves around that everything
is working for eternity

und because
everyone can realize themselves
so there is no dissatisfaction
since nobody becoming
a criminal

so we have made this utopia a reality
where everything is at peace and happy every day
our future for the infinite
because we are realizing our own destiny
as well

ergo ... our utopian world
our utopian galaxy

our galactic nation
our cosmic community

the best solution for our paradise
will be used by all

and not a competing crime
that in principle having to be

the end of this universe

this tolerance

so this very honored improvement
versus the pre demokratic times

having all those catastrophies created
because if you have all this limitless

" free democratic destructive order "
guaranteed and no real human rights

so their probaganda
of every one in office every where
for the elimination of all meaning

but the global climate at the end
all these billions being death

through their 2nd creation of a venus
but of course a century all these rats delighted

then we have all over pharmaceutical drugs
which do not help anyone in every drink of water

then we do not have a md monster
but millions of slaughters around the world
and poisoning on top

then we have micro plastic every where
and heavy metals that are already poisoning

then we will no longer have a disidence
because all these rats have their paradise
and there is no longer even a reason
to resist

for what ?

only distractions
so now a demonstration
only creating more co2

and no order worthy of any human
and only this would save this world

if humans would be honored

just look around

how all are so stupid !

as they where converted
to predatory animal children
through these all glorified
even harming

under nature conservation !!!
even licensed by the state !

to protecting all those idiots ....

ergo ... the predators are at power
who of course no human rights
are needing

because these only bother predators

ergo ... this whole west
who invented all of these disasters
starting thousands of years ago

these romans
suckled by a bitch
and then thought up this idiot idea
conquering this europe and the middle east

so all of these converted to their madness
of the big predator

where today ... all
these feeding orgies are swimming around
in this worlds oceans ...

in siberia ... canada
the polar bear under nature damage
to eat everything up

ergo .. robes
who eat all these fish

or those glorified orca
all these fish feasting up on

or thoes whales

festing on krill
all of which man kind misses !

or these orgies dolphins
which are so ... harmful as well !

of course they must be more wrong doing
and re introducing the wolf
the bear again

to make all
just in powerlessness freeze

what would these idiot wonders
be doing without these feeding orgies ?

if not all potential humans
they would stare at constantly in a swoon
about all these idiot miracles

so ...
for as long as this catastrophic predators
will not be removed from this world
there can be no development
only this always better

so ...
what we see above all
the competing madness

we need a utopia
a paradise on earth
for homo sapiens

otherwise there is no hope
to live at all !

then the galactic pest control
will have to come ....

with what quality

should we compete?

with climate tilting rights savoring ?
to create more and more flood disasters
so that all people despair
instead of reservoirs
every where

with senseless pharmaceutical drugs
to make more and more sick
holding them so

with senseless slaughter?
from people because it is such fun

with predators
put on natures damage ?

so that they eat away people
their healthy nourishment ?

those as a guardian of these pests
licensing them ?

trow away more a day
buy ... produce ?

more sounds ... more pictures ?
more distraction fanning those urges

of course the only quality is
those worthy of a human

to compete with wisdom

does one even know ?
here in ... on this ... somewhere ?

the universe does not need instinctual culprits
which all of these ... have to be otherwise
they are shunned

and no one human
will take part in this mischief

that is why I do not see a single
one sapiens

impressing me
from all this world population

with competing wisdom ...

fulfilling creation
will have to be all your aspiration
or you will never be

fulfilling yourself

these all billion monsters

can only products

of all these billions of monsters
because only one monster can exist
on this planet of monsters

where I am on a tour
from one monster drama to another I stagger
more and more convinced of

that they all have to go
since these billion robots
can never be helped

they must be redeemed somehow
and the universe redeemed from these

since they are pure programming
can not have aspirations of their own

everything was pre programmed for them
because sometime after a year
after their birth ?

they had to give up their own spirit
and drifting away since then
from a monster drama

to the next tragedy
since everything is unthinkable
just a perfected despising of humanity

if I did not know of
a trillion homo sapiens
in this universe

I would have been for a long time
death from this torture

but I can at any time
get away from here

going every chance I get ...

this escape from reality

which not only no one can want anything from
but no one will want anything > guaranteed !

but no one still in their right mind
will not even be allowed to tolerate !
not just not tolerate it ....

since everything is only about destruction
served by everything and everyone

so we have
a suicide attack on here

where a suicide bomber
with her suicide bomber
compete with it

all these billions
to impose their very own death on

and should someone
not tolerate this obvious fact
then he of course must be >

"such an intolerant"

then he can not even
initiate some development
can not have any discussion anywhere
can not build any relationship

since everyone is on the run
form this so perfect redemption
from anyone and everyone

then you ask all voters in this democracy
what kind of suicide program do you want ?
which party will serve

your suicide interests ?
the very best ...

and then of course they say >
we want to be redeemed as soon as possible
from this agony of all these suicide bombers
and that is why we need a power seizure
of the suicide bombers

who would then at least treat us to a heart attack
if not suffering from endless cancer
or stroke

because we have to prevent in any case
that we have this mass of perfected stupidity
have to hold out for much longer time

so we do not need human rights
because then we would ... oh god
have humans with rights

so they could publicly show all of it to us
that we are suicide bombers

who force this delusion of great success on everyone
no ... we therefore need > climate flipping rights
dying nourishing rights ...  drinking rights
pharmaceutical drug poisoning

all those rights of destruction !

pure ... paraniod destruction
forcing onto their world
being the only aspiration
of all this poor pest

at best
helping other damage

so ... every thing
but no argumentocracy !
where reality is used as the basis
for all decisions


a argumentocracy

our cosmic community

galactic university


publishing company

galactic central information